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Our product is designed to slide over existing viga tails or can be attached to the wall with little alteration. In the past many homeowners chose to remove the old dry-rotted wood tails and tried to patch the hole. This led to an uneven surface of the wall that looked patched. With our product you can regain that fresh look your home had when you purchased it.



Molded from real Logs, our fiberglass vigas look and feel

like the original viga tails without the maintenance issues.


Our vigas are cast to fit over existing vigas so there is no tear-out,

or construction required.


Existing viga tails are inspected and removed if needed. The new replacement viga

is mounted and sealed to the house wall with urethane caulking that

remains flexible and paintable.


Our fiberglass vigas, lintels and rafter tails are constructed from fiberglass, primed and painted to match the existing trim on the home.


Column/Post Repairs:

We can replace your rotten posts with new. We also make Building Code required bases to lift your posts off the ground to prevent further water damage/decay. All bases are formed concrete bases with metal straps embedded for a secure structure.


We also offer covers for distressed window lintels. The product is designed to match the wood texture and color of the original.

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