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About Us

This niche business was realized and started in 2008 by Steve Williams. Steve started out buying and selling homes, also known as "flipping", 62 homes in all, then moved on to remodeling homes and found a real problem with decaying vigas with no real GOOD answer.

After several trial and errors, we created a fiberglass viga that looks like Real Hand Peeled Ponderosa pine Wood!

Four (4) sizes to choose from: 7 inch inside diameter, 9" (inch) diameter-our most popular, 11" diameter, 14" diameter. 

All come 18 or 22 inches long and can be cut to any length per customer needs.

Hence: SAW Design & Fiberglass Viga, LLC.


  • There is no better solution to decaying vigas than to sleeve the viga with a fiberglass wood replica. This is the most functional and simplistic remedy without invading the structure of the home.

  • We all know that demo can cause more problems than it fixes, cracking stucco, then trying to secure new vigas with just patching them in place with stucco...


  • Rather than cut off, patch, copper sleeve caps, or screw on new wood, we have the solution that will stop decaying in its tracks!


  • Cover it and all decaying, leaking, and insect hideouts are GONE!



Installation is illustrated by our photo sequence above.  No hammering, No cutting off, No patching and coating, and No screwing on new wood. Simply attach Fiberglass Viga tails and caulk with our urethane caulking which remains flexible and paintable for a lifetime.


Call us and we will stop by with our samples and remedies. All orders are custom made and take 4-6 weeks to manufacture. We may have some on-hand – you never know....

Call us: 520-248-0662 Steve Williams

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